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Our Vision

A united community of EMDR professionals committed to relieving trauma and suffering, and becoming a platform which inspires reconciliation and peace.

Our Mission

We seek to achieve our vision by supporting provision of trauma expertise, trauma training and expansion of trauma therapy and resilience in the local community. 

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Our Goal

We intend to expand and deepen cooperative learning activities between Jews and Arabs, Israeli and Palestinian mental health professionals. 

Image by Hammam Fuad

How We Started

After years of activity in Women Wage Peace, during which we were concerned with the question of how EMDR therapy could be used to drive change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2022 we got organized together in an attempt to create feasible steps. We contacted EMDR therapists from the Arab society in Israel and invited them to cooperate, realizing that they are the bridge to Palestinian society.

Since June 2022 we began meeting online to discuss how to move forward. We wanted to learn EMDR therapy together in order to initiate processes of reconciliation between communities. 

In September 2022 five Israeli therapists and seven Palestinian therapists had the first face-to-face meeting in Abu Ghosh.

In January 2023 we held a first workshop in Beit Jala in which we taught tools from the world of EMDR to support trauma victims. The workshop was attended by over thirty community workers and was conducted by 7 volunteers from the EMDR 4 PEACE.

In April 2023 a certificate for registration was issued by the Israeli Corporations Authority.

Our Donors and Partners

Touchstone Institute Organization
פורום ארגוני שלום
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קרן אמל - תקווה (ע"ר)

Legal Information

In April 2023 the organization was officially registered as a charity.

Our NGO number is 580765493

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